Birds of Gibraltar Reserve

Picture of Arboretum.Just over 200 species of bird have been recorded at Gibraltar reserve. This is a significant amount and illustrates the diverse geology and plants of the Reserve, and across the region.

A range of vegetation exists on the reserve, which provides the habitat for grassland, wetland, Eucalypt and rainforest birds. Some of these species are seasonal migrants and irregular visitors, while many others breed or are present all year.

+Gibraltar Reserve Bird Species list

Photograph of trillum.

The Clarence Valley

Birding in the Clarence Valley, between Brisbane & Sydney, is the perfect way to experience the best of Australian birdlife. The Northern Rivers region supports many endemic, Threatened & Endangered Bird species.

In the Clarence Valley, tropical and temperate species converge with the Bassian & Torresian avifaunal regions. From the coast to the tablelands and into the outback, over 350 species of bird have been recorded. The diversity of habitat supports a wide range of species, which can be seen in a single day. the variety of wildlife, landscapes and village lifestyle makes visiting the Clarence Valley a true Australian birding experience.


Around your accommodation

From the comfort of the outdoor dining area, you can see and hear over 50 species. Superb and Red-backed Fairy-wrens, Tawny Grassbirds, Brown Quail, and various Honeyeaters are among the more common species. Brown Cuckoo-doves frequently call, and during the summer months, the dawn chorus includes Eastern Koel, Brush Cuckoo, Cicadabird and many others.

Walking trailsPicture of Arboretum.

A short walk from your cabin will take you to the creeks and forest areas, providing the opportunity to see White-throated Treecreeper, Rufous & Golden Whistler, Black-faced Monarch, Leaden Flycatcher, Varied Sitella and various others

Rainforest wilderness

A few hours exploring off the beaten track can reward you with Pale-yellow Robin, Regent Bowerbird,, Wompoo Fruit-dove, Spectacled Monarch, Noisy Pitta, Logrunnaer and other rainforest specialists