Birdwatching in northern NSW, Australia

Birding in the Clarence Valley, between Brisbane & Sydney, is the perfect way to experience the best of Australian birdlife. The Northern Rivers region supports many endemic, Threatened & Endangered Bird species. We undertake conservation & research on the ground and on tour.

In the Clarence Valley, tropical and temperate species converge with the Bassian & Torresian avifaunal regions. From the coast to the tablelands and into the outback, over 350 species of bird have been recorded.
The diversity of habitat supports a wide range of species, which can be seen in a single day. the variety of wildlife, landscapes and village lifestyle makes visiting the Clarence Valley a true Australian birding experience.

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Varied Sittella  Varied Sittella

Brown Goshawk  Brown Goshawk

Birding Locations

Some of the best places to find birds in Northern NSW, suggested driving routes.


Latham's Snipe

Pacific Baza  Pacific Baza

Sooty Owl  Sooty Owl