August 2010


July and August were fairly wet for winter, and good conditions for the Platypus seen feeding on the main dam, for 3 days during July, and again in August.

Bird activity was highlighted by strong movements of Little & Musk Lorikeets, Satin Bowerbirds, and many other forest species, including Flame & Rose Robin, Yellow-faced Honeyeater & Varied Sittella.

Lewin's Rails have paired up and are calling from the creek, Tawny Grassbird & Golden-headed Cisticola also staking out territories. King Quail have been favouring forest edges during winter, Brown Quail plentiful.

Masked Owls frequently heard, with a single Powerful Owl heard on 07/08/10 probably a result of local post-breeding dispersal.

Between 5-10 Glossy black Cockatoos have been feeding daily, with Russet-tailed Thrush now sharing it's turf with Australian Brush-Turkey, building a mound.

Varied Triller