Wildlife & Birding Experiences in New South Wales & Australia

Your wildlife experience with us supports conservation at Gibraltar Reserve


Red-necked Wallaby

+Self-drive, Hire a guide, visit Gibraltar Reserve or Gibraltar Range & Washpool National Parks

+Transport provided, guided wildlife or birding tours from your accommodation at Coffs Harbour, Wooli, Yamba and other local centers.

+Transport, accommodation & tour packages from Brisbane & Sydney

+Custom tours to suit you, we can help arrange your personal wildlife experience, from Whale watching cruises to wild river canoeing. Please enquire.

A Bird of Paradise in ancient rainforest, Platypus in the biggest east coast river, or Bottlenose Dolphins in the Coral Sea are typical experiences in the Clarence Valley. Tours from Brisbane, Sydney, Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour, Wooli, Brooms Head and other centers will explore the area, locating and identifying the rich fauna of the region.

Our tours and experiences are based in the north east of New South Wales, one of the most biodiverse regions in Australia.
This region has more species of flora & fauna than anywhere else in Australia other than the tropical north . There are excellent opportunities for landscape and wildlife photographers. Eucalypt forest, rainforest, wetlands, heath, native wildflowers, rare species and unforgettable experiences are abundant.

Monica & Simon are tourism & wildlife specialists, they have been showing visitors and birders around the region since 2003. There are many other wildlife & bird watching guides available in Australia, who are keen to support us, we can also connect you to your next destination & guide. Our nearest accommodation is Gibraltar House, in Gibraltar Range National Park, and Mann River Caravan Park.

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Our Tours & Guiding

Prices valid until 31 March 2014.



Wildlife Discovery Day

Transport provided.

From Yamba, Wooli, Coffs Harbour, Grafton, Brooms Head and nearby.

1 Day tour, 8 hours, pick up and drop off at your accommodation.
Maximum 4 people, please enquire for larger groups
Includes refreshments, entry to National Parks and private nature reserves, experienced guide.
From $370 per tour
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Join your wildlife guide for a visit to some of the most diverse and wild places in eastern Australia. Together, we can look for various species, including Emu, Koala, Platypus, & Marsupials, and over 100 species birds may be seen.

From the beaches of the Pacific Ocean to the heaths, wetlands, rivers, Eucalypt & Gondwana Rainforests of the Great Dividing Range, these tours visit a variety of habitat, and experience the diverse wildlife of subtropical east Australia.

We can also connect you to other Wildlife & Birding guides throughout Australia.

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Wilderness Conservation at Gibraltar Reserve

Self drive

45 mins from Grafton, 1 hr from Glen Innes, bookings essential

2 hours $60

Half day 4 hours $120

or Full day 8 hours $240

Maximum 4 people, please enquire for larger groups

Night walks available for nocturnal species.

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Visit us, where a guide can take you off the beaten track around Gibraltar Reserve, next to Gibraltar Range & Washpool National Parks. On the edge of the World Heritage wilderness, we can find some of the diverse wildlife, birds and plants that your tour helps to support.

Several kilometres of bush walking tracks are established, allowing views, surveys and monitoring of Koala, Marsupials, Spotted-tailed Quoll, Warm-Temperate rainforest & over 190 species of bird.

A guide can lead you along numerous remote walking tracks, on the edge of the wilderness of Gibraltar Range. through 188 hectares of Rainforest, Eucalypt forest, grassland and wetland. The flora and fauna is diverse, with excellent photographic opportunities.  We are still finding and identifying some of the fauna & flora present, with over 25 species of Vulnerable bird & mammal protected. When you visit Gibraltar Reserve, anyone can find something rare or unusual.

Our main management activities are fire management and pest species control. Your tour with us helps the management of Gibraltar Reserve, and the various conservation projects we undertake.



Wildlife & birding guide at Washpool & Gibraltar Range

Self drive, 45 mins from Glen Innes, 1 hr from Grafton, bookings essential

2 hours $60

Half day 4 hours $120

or Full day 8 hours $240

Maximum 4 people, please enquire for larger groups

Night walks available for nocturnal species.

Email us for availability & booking.


Hire the local Wildlife & Birding guide for a couple of hours or more, at Gibraltar Range & Washpool National Parks.
Living next to these parks, we have learned about the local environment, and can show you some of the wildlife highlights and special places. The diverse plants and animals in these parks are part of an extensive wilderness area.

These World Heritage listed forests, heaths and swamps support an extraordinary variety of flora & fauna. A walk in ancient rainforests, or a dip in a crystal clear mountain stream can bring you close to nature.


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Accommodation & tour packages

Transport & accommodation provided. Wildlife & Birding Tours from Brisbane or Sydney, Please enquire.





We can provide a custom made tour to suit your requirements, and can also connect you to other Wildlife & Birding guides throughout Australia. This page will be periodically updated to keep the information as current as possible.

Birdrangers can lead you through World Heritage listed National Parks, finding and identifying wildlife & birds by sight & sound. Many animals & plants are noted, uncovering the unique biodiversity of Australia's sub-tropical east.

Birdrangers tours operate at a comfortable pace through some of the richest wildlife habitat in Australia. We aim to provide a pleasurable environment in which to show you the magnificent natural world of subtropical New South Wales. Our tours are planned with some of the best suited accommodation and quality food providers to allow easy access to local wildlife experiences.

Birdrangers tours operate with a strong awareness of environmental disturbance. Strict guidelines are adhered to avoid negative impacts on wildlife or the environment.